For the week of 02/16 thru 02/23

Sunday 2/16

8:30am Sunday School/Bible Study

10:00am Consecration Sunday Worship

11:30am Celebration Lunch


4:30pm Confirmation

7:15pm Choir
Thursday 9:00am



Cancer Companion Support Group

Sunday 2/23 10:45am

Ashley Manor


Elders at Elder’s Workshop in Lafayette


For the week of 02/23 thru 03/01

Sunday 2/23 8:30am Sunday School/Bible Study
10:45am Ashley Manor
2:30pm Elders’ Workshop @ Eternal Savior, Lafayette
Monday 7:00pm Divine Bible Study
Tuesday 6:00pm Alzheimer’s’ Support Group
Wednesday 4:30pm Confirmation
7:00pm Ash Wednesday Worship
Thursday 9:00am Quilters
Saturday 3:00pm Herrera & Krausert Wedding