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For the week of 02/11 thru 02/18

Sunday  02/11 10:30am Ashley Manor
Monday 6:30pm Church Council Meeting
7:00pm Divine Bible Study
Tuesday 5:00pm Cancer Companion meeting
6:30pm Confirmation
6:30pm Board of Trustees Meeting
Wednesday 7:00pm Ash Wednesday Worship
8:00pm Choir
Thursday 9:00am Quilters
7:00pm Cancer Companion
Saturday 6:00m Sweetheart Dinner


For the week of 02/18 thru 02/25

Sunday 02/18 11:45am Youth Planning meeting
Tuesday 6:30pm Confirmation
Wednesday 6:00pm Dinner
  6:45pm Hymn Sing
  7:00pm Worship
  8:00pm Choir
Thursday 9:00am Quilters